Our Story


Here at Leaf Gulp Inc. we thoughtfully design and manufacture unique tools to reduce the "work" in Lawn & Garden work. Our designs come from a lifetime of avid landscaping and ideas to make it easier. Our inspiration comes from seeing the beautiful creations of gardeners and landscapers everywhere. Our skill comes from 40+ years of manufacturing.

We remain committed to: Manufacturing Here In The USA, providing the higest quality products and service, employing our neighbors, and supporting our community both locally and nationally.

How We Give Back

We're Not Just Helping Gardeners and Landscapers.

Our philanthropic mission is to help feed children. We have chosen to donate a portion of our sales to two organizations who help with this.

They are: NoKidHungry.org who helps feed children in our national community, and the NorthshoreFoodBank.org who feeds those in need in our local community.



LG Unique Lawn & Garden Tools

Leaf Gulp Inc.