OHGTV says: "OK, This Product is Pretty Genius" and rated it #3 in its Top Fall Tools in 2018 & 2019

FamilyHandyman.com says: "Pick Up Made Easy. This Leaf Gulp makes it a snap"


- It's A Top Rated Lawn & Garden Tool -

 Why spend hours filling floppy, frustrating lawn bags??
 • Just "sweep" to fill a bag in under 60 seconds! Bag up a whole yard in just minutes!
 Leaf Gulp fits 39 gallon plastic and 33 gallon BIO bags.
 • Leaf Gulp II fits 12" x 16" paper lawn bags.
  No more bending over. No more struggling with floppy bags.
  Their simple design turns lawn bags into hands-free dustpans with spikes.
  Leaf Gulp tools are patent pending, and are proudly made in America.

Stab Leaf Gulps through the bag and in the ground. Pull the bag over the top and secure it with the clip. Now you're ready to Gulp!